We’re on a mission to simplify advertising

It's time for you to go hands-off.
While you focus on product development and innovation,
Pondir's Team scales your consumer base, visibility, and revenue.

Revenue driven
of clients work with us for 12+ months
onboarding fee's
account monitoring


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Due to demand, we are not accepting new client consultations at this time.

The values that drive
everything we do

90% of our clients work with us for over a year.

$7.5M Ad Revenue Driven

Pondir's Team focuses on consumer psychology when building your Facebook Ads funnel. What makes a customer convert? How does this product solve their needs?

90% of clients partner for 12+ months

As your partner, we learn your business, customer, and products. The depth of knowledge we acquire allows us to deliver on-brand ads.

$0 Onboarding Fee's

Onboarding fee's? Nope. We're confident in our abilities that sustain long-term partnerships with our clients.

24hr Account Monitoring

Pondir's suite of proprietary ad technology enables 24hr monitoring and optimization of client ad accounts.

Meet a few of our clients

We believe our clients deserve a best-in-class experience from start to finish.

"It took us 5 years to find an agency that fit our business. Pondir took our business from 10x to 100x"

Noah Elias is one of the “Top 25 Artist’s in the World”, as voted by Art Business News Magazine. From selling art door to door on a bike at 16 to creating art for clients such as Universal Pictures, Lucasfilm & Disney.

Noah Elias
Owner of Noah Studios

"My agency was driving traffic but few conversions. Pondir helped us implement bottom-of-funnel strategy resulting in an ultra-profitable ROAS.

Donny Kimball is an agency owner, travel influencer, and founder of multiple brands. Donny has amassed a following of 100k+ and holds achievements such as country exclusive advertising contracts.

Donny Kimball
Brand & Agency Owner, Travel Influencer

"Pondir injected confidence that ad spend will equal results.

Matthew Boyles, best known as TrueTriz has built a following of 2.5M+ followers on the YouTube platform. Matthew has built high-revenue e-commerce brands and achieved multiple sponsorship deals ranging from professional eSports organizations and GFuel energy drinks.

Matthew Boyles
Owner of Pickaxe Studios, LLC

The story behind us

Founded in 2019, Pondir began its journey as a traditional advertising agency but quickly realized a significant limitation; We could only help as many people as we had bandwidth available. That's when we set out to create advertising technology, courses, and a mastermind that enabled us to share our industry-proven strategies and resources with an infinite amount of people just like you.

The mission behind all our work

Ever wonder how some E-commerce brands shoot up from the ground and grow exponentially in a matter of months while other brands struggle to retain the customers they already have?

The difference?
Tried-and-true advertising and business strategy

We exist, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It’s simple, really:
With Pondir: More leads, sales, revenue, confidence 

We are here to empower your growth every step of the way.

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