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For those who prefer to learn the ropes themselves, we’re here for it. Our courses and resources infuse expertise and strategy into your eCommerce game plan.

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All eCommerce strategies are not created equally. 

Ever wonder how some eCommerce brands grow exponentially in a matter of months while other brands struggle to get their first sale?

The difference?
Tried-and-true advertising and business strategy

pondir is ready to help you.

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Whether you’re shopping for courses à la carte, or you want to reap the benefits of our entire tool kit, each of our courses propel your business forward (and fast).

Build A Brand

Elevate your brand strategy, and positioning to better connect with your target audience
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Facebook Advertising

Build and Optimize your Facebook Ads to drive more traffic and convert more leads
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Mastermind & Coaching

Brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and entrepreneurial skills
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Digital lessons ready anytime and anywhere.

Learn at your own pace and comfort.
"i started generating extremely high roas"
Learn the techniques the pro's are using to generate industry leading results.

Before finding Pondir, I had A TON of experience in digital marketing, but most of it was for clientele requesting brand awareness.

Since so much of my work had no real bottom-funnel, I was at first a little hesitant to dive into e-commerce.

By following Pondir instructions, I started generating extremely high ROAS for my clients at the agency.

Since then, I've grown into one of the most well-respected names in Japan's international marketing circles.

Donny Kimball | Marketing Professional & Social Influencer

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Every successful journey starts with the correct instruction – Pondir is what you you're looking for.
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