For those who prefer to learn the ropes themselves, we’re here for it. Our courses and resources infuse expertise and strategy into your e-commerce game plan.

Successful advertising, streamlined

From pinpointing your goals to building your Facebook campaigns, our courses ensure you start with a solid foundation 

The ABCs of effective advertising

We’ll give you the scoop on everything you need to know  to drive traffic and connect with your target audience 

Funnel Conversion 101 

Once you’ve established connection and interest, our courses show you how to reel customers in hook, line, and sinker. 

Pro strategies & techniques

The secrets pro's use to grow ad revenue exponentially while other brands struggle to retain the customers

Build winning creatives that scale

Learn how we design creative assets that capture consumers’ attention every time

More leads, sales, revenue, confidence 

Elevate your brand strategy, and positioning to better connect with your target audience

Hands-off, stress-free

‍While you focus on the other aspects of your business, we teach you the strategies to turn your ad account into a self-powering conversion machine.

Become Profitable with Attribution

How to build Pondir's Facebook Attribution System. Improve your conversion tracking, feed the algorithm, and scale your results.

How To Split Test for 10x Masterclass

Learn the how to split test your Facebook Ads and to quickly identify winning creatives without wasting $100's on ad spend.

The Secret To A High-Performance Funnel

Get the strategy behind building a successful Facebook Ads funnel before you launch a campaign.

100% feedback driven courses

We listen to your feedback and create new advertising courses each month. Tell us what advertising skills you want to learn!

Membership access = unlimited learning opportunities

As your business grows and develops, you will be able to continue learning from each course. Designed to fit businesses of all sizes, our expert advice will help shape your business strategy for years to come. 

Flexible to your schedule

On-demand courses that save your progress so you can pick up where you left off. Anywhere, anytime.

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"the ad system is super easy and works!!!"
"Woo! 3.94 ROAS to a cold audience! Finally something that works!"
"Since learning the Pondir funnel method I have made over $5k in the past week alone and only spent $700!"
$204k in 30 days all started with Pondir's course!
$52k in 24 hours using Pondir's course strategies
"#1 we're crushing records. you might need to set another goal for me!"